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Clay Triangle | Cooling (Insulating) Pad | Funnel Support | Iron Ring | Ring Stand | Utility Clamp | Wire Gauze

Clay Triangle

Clay Triangle Clay triangles are used to support crucibles when heating them. The clay portion is actually a ceramic material that can withstand extreme temperatures, such as those produced by a Bunsen Burner. The triangle is set on top of an iron ring, and the crucible sits down in the center of the triangle. Care must be taken to ensure that the crucible fits snug into the triangle, and does not fall down through.

Cooling (Insulating) Pad

Cooling (Insulating) PadCooling, or insulating, pads are made of a fibrous material and are used to allow hot equipment (glassware) to cool. Insulating pads are used to protect the surface underneath, and also to serve as a visual reminder that the item may be hot. Sometimes these are referred to as asbestos pads; however, they are no longer made of asbestos, due to health and safety concerns.


Funnel Support

Funnel supports are used to hold funnels for an extended amount of time. The four spaces may be used by multiple lab groups, or may be used by a single lab group if more than one funnel is required in an experiment. Funnel supports are commonly used when using filtration in an experimental procedure.

Iron Ring

Iron Ring An iron ring is attached to a ring stand and is used to support laboratory equipment above the work surface. Wire gauze is placed on top of the iron ring to support beakers and flasks when heating them. A clay triangle is placed on top of the iron ring to support a crucible when it is being heated.

Ring Stand

A ring stand is used to provide support for other equipment and a means of raising equipment above the work surface. Often times an iron bar screwed into an iron base makes up a ring stand; however, the holes you see in the lab desk surface are receptacles for aluminum rods that can be used in much the same manner as a ring stand.

Utility Clamp

Utility Clamp A utility clamp is used to provide stability and support for other equipment by attaching the equipment to a ring stand.

Wire Gauze

Wire Gauze Wire gauze is used for supporting beakers and flasks when they are being heated with a Bunsen Burner . They are constructed of a metal mesh screen that contains a ceramic fiber circle in the center that can withstand extremely high temperatures.

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