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Experimental Setups:

Titration Setup

This is an illustration of what your apparatus should look like when setting up a titration.

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Equipment Needed


  1. Attach 2 utility clamps or one buret clamp to the ring stand.
  2. Carefully attach a buret to the jaws of the clamp(s).
  3. Place an insulating pad on the base of the ring stand, beneath the tip of the buret.
  4. Place an Erlenmeyer flask on top of the insulating pad, and adjust the height of the buret so that the bottom of the stem is just below the rim of the flask.
  5. Place the funnel in the top of the buret and carefully fill the buret to the 0 mL mark.
  6. Titrate the liquid into the Erlenmeyer flask by slowly opening the stopcock and allowing the liquid to dispense dropwise until a desired endpoint is reached.

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